“Once a Marine, always a Marine”

MCCS is focused on providing the retiree community with the valued goods and services that they have earned with their many years of dedicated services. The Retired Activities Office (RAO) is the Marine Corps agency supporting retired Marines, their families and annuitant survivors. The RAO and it’s coordinators provide direct support to Marines and their families to ensure the relationship between retired Marines and the total force is sustained and remains mutually supportive. RAO acts to ensure Marines, their families, and survivors are provided support and assistance in matters dealing with benefits and entitlements and as a binding link between retired Marines, the Marine Corps, and other agencies that provide assistance to retired service members. We are here to assist retired Marines and their families in the determination and application for medical benefits and DEERs eligibility.

When military resources cannot provide assistance, the Retired Activities Office has a responsibility to help meet a retiree’s or family member’s needs through other available programs and services. The RAO will work to protect your privacy, promote your well-being, and be an advocate for you.

The RAO is staffed and operated by volunteer retired military that assist other retired members, their families and survivors to receive entitled benefits and services.

Survivor Benefit Plan

The Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) is the sole means by which survivors can receive a portion of military retired pay. Participation in SBP allows retired members to voluntarily elect to receive a reduced retired pay during their lifetime in order to provide a portion of their retired pay as an annuity to their survivor(s). All Marines, regardless of marital status, must make an SBP election before retirement.

Retiree Pay and Tax Information

Pay and Benefits:

  • Defense Finance and Accounting Services
  • Social Security Administration

Tax Information:

  • California State Tax Information
  • Federal Tax Information

VA Benefits

  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Defense Link

Medical and Dental Benefit Information

To request military personnel and/or health records will depend upon the service branch and the year the veteran is discharged, deceased, or retired. The military record could be located at different locations, so please visit the National Archives and select location of the service branch.

  • DoD Health Care System (Tricare)
  • Retiree Delta Dental

ID and Privilege Cards

Upon retirement, you and your eligible family members were issued new ID cards. If your or your family member’s card is lost or damaged, you can get a replacement card from the nearest Realtime Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS) site or by contact Pass & ID aboard MCLB Barstow at (760) 577-6969.

  • RAPIDS Site Locator
  • Manpower and Reserve Affairs

Travel Privileges

Please visit military travel benefits webpage for eligibility, space available flights, schedules, required documents, and many convenient and inexpensive lodging facilities.

Veteran Retirement Homes:

Please visit Armed Forces Retirement Homes for more information.

In the Event of a Military Retiree’s Death

  1. Stopping retirement pay is critical to avoid indebtedness. If they were receiving normal retired pay, notify DFAS at (800) 321-1080. You will need to have the Social Security number f the deceased annuitant, annuitant’s date of death, name, address and telephone number of next-of-kin or contact person readily available when you contact DFAS. You need to specify who is sending a copy of the death certificate. You will also need to notify the Department of Veteran Affairs at (800) 827-1000 if they were receiving disability pay from the VA.
  2. Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) election/ Designated annuitants will receive notification from DFAS if the deceased retire Marine elected the SBP. If you are uncertain of whether an election was made, you can contact DFAS at (800) 321-1080.
  3. Update your military ID card. As the survivor of a deceased Marine, your ID card must be updated to reflect the change in status due to the Marine’s death. Also, this will ensure you do not fall out of the DEERS system for Tricare benefits.
  4. Notify the Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213 to apply for the $225.00 death benefit (if applicable).
  5. For help regarding Military funerals, please visit USMC Manpower and Reserve Affairs Casualty for assistance. Someone will be available 24 hours a day at (800) 847-1597.

Quick Reference Service Directory

Navy and Marine Corps Relief
Phone: (760) 577-6727
Casualty Assistance
Phone: (800) 342-9647
Phone: (760) 577-6403
Military Housing
Phone:Non Available
ID Cards
Phone: (760) 577-6969
Legal Assistance
Phone: (760) 577-6771
Medical Facility
Phone: Non Available
Military Lodging
Phone: (760) 577-6418
Phone: (760) 577-6733
Medical Clinic/Pharmacy
Phone: Non Available
Phone: (760) 256-8974
Provost Marshal
Phone: Non Available
Red Cross
Phone: (877) 272-7337
Education Center
Phone: (760) 577-6118
Traffic Management Office
Phone: (760) 577-6533
Local DVA
Phone: (800) 952-5626
Local Disabled American Veterans
Phone: (760) 241-9647
Military OneSource
Phone: (800) 342-9647

Retired Activities Office

Building 126, James L. Day Street

Mon/Fri 7:30am – 4pm

(760) 577-6675

MCCS Barstow