The Chaplain’s Religious Enrichment Development Operation, or CREDO, is a highly effective program that provides the necessary tools and knowledge to improve and maintain spiritual and personal relationships with yourself and others. It supports the Marine Corps’ readiness, retention, recruiting and quality of life priorities and consists of a series of retreats, including those that focus on Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth, and Marriage Enrichment. Retreats cover a variety of topics such as taking personal responsibility for your own life, as well as developing new perspectives that will enhance the world in which you live. Each of these are offered on a regular basis to active duty personnel and their family members. CREDO believes that continual growth is the key to continual satisfaction with yourself, others and life as a whole.

Best of all it is FREE and open to all active duty military, Reservists, retirees, and family members.

MCLB is supported by Camp Pendleton’s CREDO office at
13 Area Mainside, Camp Pendleton

Bldg. 1344

Mon/Fri 7:30am–4pm

(760) 725-4954

Marine Corps Family Team Building

Bldg. 126

Mon/Fri 730am–4pm

(760) 577-6675

MCCS Barstow