The Family Readiness Branch at MCLB Barstow provides relevant training to Family Readiness Command Team members, Marines and their families; thereby, reinforcing the pillars of resiliency, sustaining a constant state of personal and family readiness, and ultimately enhancing unit mission readiness.

How Marine Corps Family Team Building Supports Families

Family Readiness Program

Centered primarily on the formal training required for the Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program, classes are available for family members interested in becoming more involved in their unit’s program as a volunteer and for active duty members serving in a supporting role of their unit’s program.
Additionally, a Family Readiness Council is conducted monthly as an opportunity for unit members and their families to discuss events, ideas, and quality of life concerns in an open forum setting.

Lifestyle, Insights, Networking, Knowledge, and Skills (L.I.N.K.S.)

L.I.N.K.S. provides information to active duty personnel, family members, spouses, significant others and DoD civilian employees on available resources and methods for meeting challenges of the military lifestyle.

LifeSkills Education and Training

LifeSkills Training and Education offers various workshops featuring trainings like Basic Stress Management, 4 Lenses Temperament Discovery and 7 Habits of Highly Effective Military Families. Every workshop offers an open and highly interactive atmosphere emphasizing relationship building, communication skills or personal growth.

Readiness and Deployment Support

Although Marines do not typically deploy from MCLB Barstow, Readiness and Deployment Support Training is available on request. This training offers assistance to units by connecting unit Family Readiness Officers (FROs) and commands, assisting with family readiness issues, and delivering pre-, during, and post-deployment presentations.

Marine Corps Family Team Building

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