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The mission of Personal Financial Management is to provide education, training, and counseling on financial matters in order to increase personal, family, and operational readiness. Money is one of the main reasons service members experience stress on the job and its one of the top things couples fight about. We believe that by helping individuals achieve financial success we can foster confidence in facing their finances and alleviate these stressors. A solid understanding of a Marine’s personal financial situation and prospects will give them and their family a better chance of achieving financial success during their career and prior to transitioning. It will build confidence in facing financial challenges and responsibilities.

The Personal Financial Management Program is designed to assist commanders in helping Marines and family members learn and improve basic financial management skills, become more informed consumers, develop and maintain credit worthiness, understand the importance of savings and investment, and reduce or maintain levels of manageable debt. We are program specialists, credentialed as Accredited Financial Counselors, who provide personal and family financial education, information, and counseling with the objective of facilitating mission readiness through improved personal readiness.

Education, training, and one-on-one coaching is available for many financial topics from budgeting/diversifying your income, credit and debt management, military/consumer protections, car buying, home options, savings and investing, financial planning for future events, clearance issues related to personal finances, financially fit children, and other financial topics.

Learn to take financial stress off, save for your children’s education, improve your personal and professional mission readiness, and reach that goal of transitioning/retiring comfortably by attending the variety of financial course/workshops/briefs we offer.

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