Effective February 1 through 30 June, Exceptional Family Member Program Services offered in Bldg. 218 (McTureous Hall) will be temporary relocated to Bldg. 319 (MCX Administration Office)

The Exceptional Family Member Program is a mandatory enrollment program (MCO P1754.4B) for all Active Duty personnel. The program is designed to provide assistance to service personnel with a family member(s) who has special medical and/or educational needs before, during and after relocation due to Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. An exceptional family member is defined as an authorized family member (spouse, child, stepchild, adopted child, foster child, or a dependent parent) residing with the sponsor who may require special medical or educational services based upon a diagnosed physical, intellectual or emotional handicap such as Asthma, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or Depression. Disabilities may range from mild to severe.

Exceptional Family Member Program

Bldg. 218

Mon-Fri 8:00am–3:30pm

(760) 577-5854
(760) 577-6470

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in the EFMP?

By calling the EFMP office at (760) 577-5854 or by visiting the office inside McTureous Hall (bldg. 218). Families who are interested in EFMP support will be assigned a caseworker to assist with the enrollment process and all available community and installation resources to facilitate services and continuity of care for the family.

What are some of the benefits of enrolling in the EFMP?

Personalized case management, resource & referral, workshops, playgroups, family events, and much more! Additionally, if an Exceptional Family Member is eligible, the Family Case Worker provides enrollment assistance with the Base Installation Respite Care Reimbursement Program & TRICARE Extended Coverage Health Coverage (ECHO).

What does the Extended Care Health Options (ECHO) program provide?

The TRICARE® Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) provides supplemental services to active duty family members with qualifying mental or physical disabilities. ECHO offers integrated services and supplies beyond those offered by the basic TRICARE health benefits program.

Are families enrolled in the EFMP able to be stationed overseas?

Overseas assignments for all active duty personnel and family members require screening. If sufficient care is determined as not available overseas, EFMP will work to ensure a duty location where both career and Exceptional Family Member needs are met.

Does the EFMP provide relocation support?

EFMP caseworkers at both the losing and gaining installation will assist in the transition of medical and educational care. Ask the EFMP office for a “Transition Checklist” upon receipt of orders.

How can EFMP help my Exceptional Family Member with the Individual Education Plan (IEP)?

Caseworkers will assist you with issues ranging from school services, access to therapies, related resources and provide workshops to help families learn to be their family member’s best advocate.

I am part of the EFMP. Can I secure priority housing?

Priority housing for Marine Corps enrolled families is now determined by the HQMC EFMP office via the medical screening team.

DD Form 2792 – Click to download

Medical enrollment form

  1. The sponsor, spouse or guardian completes and signs the authorization to release information on page 1, the demographic information on page 2, and the patient identifying information at the top of each subsequent page before submitting the form to the medical provider.
  2. The EFMP Manager or Family Case Worker completes the administrative information on page 3.
  3. The medical provider completes all sections of the medical summary on pages 4-7 and signs, stamps and dates in the designated area at the bottom of page 7.
  4. There are three addendums that are completed as applicable by a physician or mental health clinician. Addendum 1 is to be completed if the patient has been evaluated for asthma within the past 5 years. Addendum 2 is to be completed if the patient has a mental health diagnosis by the clinician or a medical provider familiar with diagnosis and treatment of patient. Addendum 3 is completed if the patient has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or developmental delay by a medical provider familiar with diagnosis and treatment plan for the patient. If any addendum is not applicable to the patient it should not be completed or signed.

Completed by primary care physician

  1. Medical service providers must complete specific sections of the Department of Defense form, DD 2792, required to enroll, update information or disenroll family members from the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP). The primary purpose of the form is to provide detailed information on the medical services the patient requires to the EFMP screening coordinator who will ensure the family member will be stationed at an installation where they will have access to the appropriate care.

Eligible for reimbursement when charged a fee by a Tricare authorized provider (MARADMIN 309/15)

DD Form 2792-1 – Click to download

  1. Educational enrollment form
  2. Completed by school
  3. May require submission of IEP or IFSP (when appropriate)

EFMP DD 2792 Reimbursement

The Marine Corps Exceptional Family Member Program is a mandatory enrollment program designed to coordinate permanent change of station assignments for active duty sponsors who have a family member with special needs.  When Marines are assigned to locations where their family members have access to required care, it allows the Marine to focus on the mission, enhancing the individual and family readiness.

Marines and families often contact EFMP with recommendations about how the program can better support families and we value this communication.  Several months ago, families began notifying EFMP that some TRICARE authorized providers were charging for completion of the DD Form 2792.  This form is used across the Department of Defense to identify the medical requirements of family members for the purpose of EFMP enrollment.  Enrolled families must also submit an updated form every three years to ensure that the most current information is available for EFMP assignment review.

As we investigated, we learned that network providers cannot receive TRICARE reimbursement for the time associated with completion of this form and therefore passed the cost to the individual family.  Additionally, we have learned that absent regulation, authorized provider charges to families are inconsistent, and in some cases, cost prohibitive for families.

The Marine Corps believes that families should not bear the cost of form completion to comply with a DoD-mandated program, and we have instituted a reimbursement process, retroactive to October 1, 2014.  We have authorized reimbursement at actual cost, up to a maximum of $200/package, whichever is less.  We recognize that some providers are charging more than the $200/package, however with education, may reduce their charges to align with our reimbursement.  In some cases, providers have been charging less than the maximum amount authorized by the Marine Corps; we commend them and encourage them to keep their rates consistent.  EFMP-enrolled Marines who are interested in pursuing a reimbursement, should contact their assigned EFMP office for assistance.

DD 2792 Reimbursement Information & Forms

Disability Rights of California

Special Education advocacy support for families includes Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals and objectives. “Least Restrictive Environment” and “Prior Written Notice” assistance is offered to families to help better understand the special education laws and policies in the local schools. Call (800) 776-5746 or visit their website.

TASKmil – Team of Advocates for Special Kids – Military

Non-profit agency that assists military parents of children with special needs in California to access assistance and support in early intervention, education, medical, or therapeutic support services for their children.

Call (866) 609-3218 or visit: TASKmil

Specialized Training of Military Parents (STOMP)

STOMP, a parent-directed program, exists to empower military parents, individuals with disabilities, and service providers with knowledge, skills, and resources so that they might access services to create a collaborative environment for family and professional partnerships without regard to geographic location.

Call (253) 565-2266 or visit their website.

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