MCCS Barstow Headline News

Jan 20 & 21 – Auto Skills Center Open

8am-5pm | Saturday | Jan 20 | Building 375
10am-6pm | Sunday | Jan 21 | Building 375
Come by and let us answer your questions. We have a variety of tools, lifts, and knowledge to help you complete the repairs on your vehicles!

Jan 23 – STARS Workshop

10am | Desert View Housing Community Center | Building 363
Stay informed about your family’s benefits, entitlements, health care, insurance, VA benefits and more! Receive tips and resources to assist you in making plans for your future and prepare for life beyond the military. Spouses, it is your chance to ask experts about what to expect when your Marine or Sailor retires or separates from active duty service. For more information, please call 577-6265.

Jan 24 – Infant Massage

9-10am | Desert View Housing Community Center | Building 363
Each five-week series teaches massage techniques and the benefits of infant massage therapy promoting attachment and bonding between the caregiver and child. Workshops are designed for parents of infants ages 0-1. Parents of toddlers and with multiple children are welcome. Registration is recommended but not required. To register or to get more information, please call New Parent Support at 577-6533.

Jan 24 – Self-Defense Class

6-8pm | Semper Fit Gym | McCarver Hall | Building 44
Join us for the monthly Self-Defense Class. For 2018 Self Defense will now be offered twice a month so if you cannot make it for this class come see us again on Jan 24. All first time participants will receive a free t-shirt. All ages and skill levels are welcome to attend.

Jan 25 – Baby Boot Camp Part I

9-11am | Desert View Housing Community Center | Building 363
Information will be provided on diapering, bathing, health and safety, soothing a crying baby, infant growth and development, infant care, and infant oral health. Registration is recommended but not required. For more information, please call 577-6533.

Jan 25 – Happiness Advantage

6pm | Conference Room | Building 126
Most people believe that only after they’re successful will they finally be happy. In fact, it’s completely backwards; happiness actually fuels success, not the other way around. When we become more positive, our brains become more engaged, creative, motivated, enegetic, healthier, resilient and productive. Registration is recommended, please call 577-6675 to register or for more information.

Jan 30 – Family Readiness Council

6pm | Desert View Housing Community Center | Building 363
Active duty families are encouraged to come to the Family Readiness Council meeting for an informative discussion and friendly exchange of ideas for the upcoming year. Hope to see you all there.

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